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Calls to Action

C.I.A.N. has engaged in regular discussions, conducted in-depth interviews with immunocompromised patients, and sought insights from medical experts. Additionally, a comprehensive survey was conducted. All these elements have been compiled into a position paper, and brings forward four key recommendations.

For additional details on the calls to action, please read our full position paper.

Increased and ongoing knowledge generation and dissemination around COVID-19
Greater alignment on definitions of immunocompromised across Canada
Targeted infection control measures to protect immunocompromised patients.
Easier and more equitable access for prophylactic and therapeutic options for COVID-19 and other potential infectious diseases or pandemic pathogen.

Spread the Word

One of the simplest and most impactful actions you can take is to share our mission with others. By sharing the CIAN website/position paper with your network, you are helping increase awareness and support for our cause. 

Social Media Toolkit

Whether you’re an individual advocate, a healthcare professional, or part of an organization, our Media Kit empowers you to effectively amplify the voices of the immunocompromised. The Media Kit contains:

  • Communications Toolkit: This toolkit is a resource for members to help enhance the effectiveness of advocacy efforts by providing a clear and consistent consistent message.
  • Social Media Posts: Eye-catching, ready-to-use designs to engage your audience on various platforms.

Get Involved

If you or someone you know is interested in joining the Canadian Immunocompromised Advocacy Network as a group or patient member, we would love to hear from you.