Protecting Immunocompromised Canadians from COVID-19 and Beyond

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Explore our comprehensive position paper on navigating the challenges of COVID-19 for Immunocompromised Canadians, their experiences, and recommendations on how to achieve an equitable future state.

While the world has moved on, immunocompromised Canadians are still fighting an uphill battle.

As the world gradually returns to pre-pandemic norms, the reality for immunocompromised Canadians remains starkly different. Despite the easing of public health measures and a societal shift towards ‘normal’, these individuals continue to face heightened risks from COVID-19. 

In spring 2023, A survey was developed and conducted to assess views and attitudes around COVID-19. 


of immunocompromised Canadians were still somewhat or very concerned about COVID-19


of immunocompromised Canadians felt it was very important for them to have additional protection/support in dealing with COVID-19


of immunocompromised Canadians are continuing to modify their behaviours because of COVID-19

The Canadian Immunocompromised Advocacy Network

In 2022, a coalition of immunocompromised individuals and representatives of immunocompromised patient advocacy groups across Canada united to form Canadian Immunocompromised Advocacy Network (C.I.A.N).

Our Members include:

BC Lung Foundation, CLL Canada, Immunodeficiency Canada, Kidney Patient and Donor Alliance Canada; Transplant Ambassador Program, Lupus Canada, Vasculitis Foundation Canada, The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society of Canada, Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance, Ready for My Shot, Myeloma Canada, Safe Care ON, Immunocompromised People Are Not Expendable (IPANE), Colorectal Cancer Canada, Clinical Immunology Network Canada (CINC).

Calls to Action

C.I.A.N. has engaged in regular discussions, conducted in-depth interviews with immunocompromised patients, and sought insights from medical experts. Additionally, a comprehensive survey was conducted. All these elements have been compiled into a position paper, and brings forward four key recommendations.

For additional details on the recommendations, please read our full position paper.

Increased and ongoing knowledge generation and dissemination around COVID-19
Greater alignment on definitions of immunocompromised across Canada
Targeted infection control measures to protect immunocompromised patients.
Easier and more equitable access for prophylactic and therapeutic options for COVID-19 and other potential infectious diseases or pandemic pathogen.

The Position Paper

Drawing from first-hand experiences and comprehensive research, the position paper calls for targeted strategies to protect immunocompromised Canadians. It’s a call to action for policymakers, healthcare providers, and the public to recognize and address the continuing struggles of immunocompromised individuals and guide us towards a more inclusive and responsive healthcare system in the era of endemic COVID-19.

Read the Position Paper

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